We are a general cargo logistics network, active all around the world.

A Group of Logistics professionals and communications technicians with proven experience in the market for many years; have built the most efficient and low cost network in the market.

Technology is our best partner; we are leaders of the new generation network.

Our Services

Face to Face Meetings Without Traveling

As an active and aggressive network in the business search we will have an annual virtual meeting that will allow us to know directly, via the Internet not only the representative of the companies that you want to know, but also that your work team .


Our network is made up of a limited number of participants per country / port, so you can get the best benefits from belonging to it. Only those companies that demonstrate a minimum age of three years in the market.

Reasonable Costs and Financial Security

Being a virtual network, we obtain a great cost reduction for your company, so that we can offer a better profitability in the management within our group, allowing a better participation of the work teams of each of our members.

¿Do you want to join this network and benefit from our services without moving from your office or home?

¿Who belongs to this network?

Logistics companies with 3 years’ minimum experience in the market, they must have their own internet domain and they must have a good history of finance record with other agents worldwide.

Limited groups for country / port, without neglecting the needs from each customer, agent or company that wants to belong to E-Global network to expand their connections with others.

Do you want to join this network and benefit from our services without moving from your office or home

¿Why E-Global?

New technologies in modern times bring costs reductions, without the need of taking an airplane or leaving your office, we can offer the opportunity to personally know our members from any part of the world, new business solutions guaranteed.

Our online meetings will be for you, your team workers, other companies owners and their team workers as well. Strengthening bonds and having better business. We are more effectives worldwide, without economic or time limitations.


Formal Invitation E-meeting ¡Participate in meetings with other teams from your home or office!

This event will consist in two parts:

  • 48 continuous hours with presentations from companies – suppliers, logistics training,new knowledge in video conferences for you and your team workers, to see whatever you need at the time you want to.
  • 3 days for business contacts, from team to team in the most convenient hours for both companies, taking into consideration time zone differences.